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Retirement Savings with Meridian

RRSP questions? We can help!

A Registered Retirement Saving Plan is a government approved plan through which you save money for your retirement years. Your contributions, within limits, are tax deductible and the income earned is tax sheltered.

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What does an RRSP Mean to You?

You are investing money when you can most afford it during your peak earning years – to build up a comfortable retirement fund.

Not only do you invest some money that would otherwise be paid in taxes, but the earnings of your plan are not taxed until you withdraw them. Since 100% of these earnings can be reinvested and compounded, the growth of your RRSP increases rapidly over the years.


Work with a trusted, knowledgeable advisor.

Whatever your understanding of investing may be, we can shed some light on the finer details. That’s critical because when you’re armed with the right information, you don’t have to cross your fingers in the hopes that you’ve made the right choice. We provide you with upfront, unbiased advice, so you can be rest assured that we recommend solutions that focus on your best interests.

When it’s time to get serious about investing your hard-earned money, we’d love to sit down and talk, discover where you want to go, and together create a solid plan to get you there.

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  • Elisa - Meridian Member
    Mike & Paul at Newmarket Meridian Credit Union provided exceptional service for my recent property refinance. Their expertise, diligence and attention to detail ensured a great experience and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
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