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Rotary Newmarket E‐Waste Day A Multi‐District Event

Posted: March 18, 2016

An E‐Waste collection day is one of the things that you can only experience in an organization like Rotary. Ours was full of surprises – and by the end of the day, it would become a multi‐district event.
Giant, oversized televisions were a recurring theme. The fun started some two weeks earlier when one of Paul Bath’s euchre players called for a pickup. This person had several desktop computers, but they also had two televisions – one of which I couldn’t lift.
With help from Greg Kennedy, it was moved to Prospect Street for temporary storage. The E-Waste day itself started with a trip to David Copsey’s to pick up a television. It couldn’t be moved without a dolly – or a larger vehicle.
By the time we got back to David’s house, he told us that a neighbour had put a large flat screen monitor out on the curb. After getting David’s TV into Ted Bird’s van, we dropped by and got the screen. Then it was off to Prospect Street to get more stored materials. The van was so full that Azhar Saleem had to carry a desktop computer in his lap.

e-waste collection day
Newmarket‐Aurora MPP Chris Ballard (left) stopped by to support the event. SNAP also came by, as did Ward 5 Councillor Joe Sponga.

Meanwhile, Gordon Wood of our Satellite Club was driving back and forth from Markham with loads of old computer equipment from his business.
Cars and vans were pulling up to our collection bin on Davis Drive. Members of our club; euchre players; a friend of Wasim’s. And a couple of guys with a rental van trying to unload another massive television onto Goodwill. We got it instead.
There was also a donation from a computer store with a promise of more stuff in future. Then there was the older lady who dropped off some smaller items and asked if we wanted to pick up another huge television. Off we went again in Ted Bird’s van.
The winner of the television size contest was Anitra’s friend from work: 50’’ screen, 54‐1/2’’ across. But the biggest surprise came at the end of the day. Two Rotarians from Brampton had noticed the sign put up by President Elect Paul Bath, so they came by with some old desktop computers.
As members of a Brampton Rotary Club, Jurgen Hebel and Paul Luke are part of District 7080. Their participation turned this into a multi‐district event!* (Well, sort of.) There was an added bonus. While driving around the back of the plaza looking for us, they spotted another large television that someone had dumped behind Goodwill. So we drove over to get it. There it was – with the remote control placed neatly on top!
e-waste collection day
The Bin at the End of the Day.

And so ended our first E‐Waste Recycling Day. The results will not be known for several days, but lessons were learned that will make a future event even better. One can only hope that these giant televisions were used to watch educational programs on the National Geographic or Discovery Channels, rather than Reality TV.

Special Thanks To:

  1. Paul Bath
  2. Ted Bird
  3. Lynn Bird
  4. Laura Bradford
  5. Greg Kennedy
  6. Wayne Bulger
  7. Azhar Saleem
  8. Gordon Wood
  9. Gordon Wood

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